At the MIKE Endowment, we believe our greatest community impact comes from building up and supporting existing or developing other’s programs – whether existing, planned, or in partnership with our own efforts. We subscribe to a focus that is specific to raising awareness about suicide as well as the available resources to assist those at greatest risk and with the most critical need. It is no surprise that the MIKE Endowment puts a premium on the mental health and wellness of our youth – particularly those in Middle and High School — a critical time of psychological and sociological development.

From bullying to social media, the challenges of school as well as struggles in the home, the stress and strains of this vulnerable population demands our commitment and our attention. At the same time, we are fully committed to the adults in our community who may have already (or are at risk of) at risk of falling through the cracks.

There is strength in numbers, value in one-voice, strength in community. For that reason, here are just a few of the projects and efforts we have been honored to provide support and impact.

If you have a project or need that fits our mission and objective, please feel free to contact us with additional information and let us know how The MIKE Endowment can be of help. Or, if you’re on board and want to support our efforts, please join us by making a charitable donation to the MIKE Endowment through the Mount Dora Community trust (select M.I.K.E. in the drop down).

Supporting (You Are) Worth It – JAG

The MIKE Endowment is honored to be one of the primary sponsors of Worth It Suicide Outreach & Support. This Eustis based organization all began – as many do – from a person experience with suicide. Here is their story and why we were so inspired by it. Follow on Facebook